The most confusing question for an IELTS test taker is not whether a hen came first or an egg! It’s rather whether to use the US English (American English or AmE) or Queen’s (British English or BrE)? Well, we completely understand the catch-22 situation, and keep you away from that worry.

Understand what is IELTS

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System’. There is a clue! It says ‘International’ and not any particular style of English –the UK or US. This means whether you go for ‘color’ or ‘colour’, the examiner does not mind. Many think that a particular style would get you little score, but it is not true. You will not lose your band if you use any of those English styles.

So, which English is for me?

Anything that you feel comfortable with! That said, you can stick to any one English style. In other words, if you are writing ‘specialized’, stick to ‘specialized’ and don’t opt for ‘specialised’.

Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that you need to follow only one English style –either AmE or BrE. You cannot use both because that will attract penalty. If you are following AmE, you stick to the style throughout your IELTS examination. Don’t try to mix both the styles. You cannot write some words in AmE, and others in BrE.

AmE and BrE vocabulary list

If you are taking the IELTS test, you are from a non-native English speaking country. For you, it is very important to learn American or British vocabularies. There are many websites and blogs that have lists of AmE and BrE vocabulary lists. You may refer any of them and try to implement in your practice for IELTS exams.

Here are the two most important links that can help you get a good grip on different vocabularies.

  1. The concept of AmE and BrE spellings by Oxford Dictionarie
  2. The list of American and British English spellings i.e. the difference by Tysto

You may have a glance at the list of spellings to use in your IELTS exams. Remember, the good lexicon will help you get higher bands or required exam score. It does not matter whether you are taking Academic or General IELTS, good command over English vocabulary will always boost your overall score.

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