What should I use for IELTS ´┐ŻUK English or US?

Know What to Choose for IELTS Test - British or American English

April 10, 2020

IELTS aspirants often encounter a dilemma to know whether they should use IELTS British English or IELTS American English.

Even many students feel that it is perfectly acceptable to use both the types of English language in the IELTS test.

There is a lot of confusion regarding using IELTS British or American English. It is always better to know everything about the IELTS exam and clear all your doubts before you appear for the exam.

What is IELTS, is IELTS British or American?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. There is a clue! It says 'International' and not any particular style of English - the IELTS UK English or the US.

This means whether you choose 'color' or 'colour' in the exam, the examiner will not reduce your IELTS scores.

Many think that a particular style would get you little score, but it is not true. You will not lose your band if you use any of those English styles.

Which English is perfect for me?

You can use any of the English languages as per your comfort. You can either choose UK English language or the US English language.

These both languages are considered and acceptable forms of English, IELTS examiners will give you equal marks whether you use American or British English.

Note: In the IELTS exam, you can't mix both the languages. You must keep in mind that you need to follow only one English style - either American or British.

In other words, if you are writing 'realized' (American style), stick to 'realized' and other American vocabularies. Please don't use 'realised' (British style) or any different British vocabulary later in your exam.

Why Can't I Use Both the Languages?

The simplest reason for not using both languages is that both languages are considered separate forms of English.

As soon as you write one British spelling, the examiner will make up his mind and consider your work as British language.

Therefore, if you switch later to American English, the examiner will consider it as a spelling mistake and will give you a low score for your Lexical Resource.

American and British Vocabulary List

For you, it is essential to know the main differences between American and British vocabularies. Many websites and blogs have lists of American English and British English vocabulary lists.

You may refer to any of them and try to implement in your practice for IELTS exams.

Here are the two most important links that can help you get a good grip on different vocabularies.

  1. The concept of American English and British English spellings by Oxford Dictionary
  2. The list of American and British English spellings, i.e. the difference by Tysto

You may have a glance at the list of spellings to use in your IELTS exams. Remember, the good lexicon will help you get higher bands score in IELTS.

It does not matter whether you are taking Academic or General IELTS, excellent command over English vocabulary will always boost your overall score.

Keep continuing your preparation with the 20+ Free IELTS Practice Tests, where you can practice every module. 

All the Best!