IELTS Test Day Tips

Ready for your IELTS Exam? A bit nervous? We have put together some pro tips and information to help you on the day of your test and what care you must take.
Whether you are appearing for IELTS Academic Test or IELTS General Training Test, these tips ensure that you do your best on the Test Day.

Have Proper Food & Drink

The IELTS Test (Listening, Reading & Writing) lasts for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Take proper rest and eat good food to prevent laziness or sleep. Drink enough water before the exam. You can carry water into the exam hall but the bottle must be transparent. Taking food into the test room is prohibited.

Keep a Check on your Clothing

You won’t be judged or marked on your appearance. So, wear something that avoids distractions and helps you to be at ease. Make sure you feel comfortable and confident. Formal wear is always appreciated. Wear something that is weather-friendly which can be comfortable even if the room is warm or air conditioner is on.

Reach the Test Centre before Time

Visit your exam centre, check the route, note the distance and time before your exam day. Arrive early at the centre on the day of your IELTS exam so that you have enough time to check in and move through all the procedures. Don't be late else you won’t be allowed to take the test.

Carry Valid ID

You must carry your valid ID card along with you. Keep a photocopy too, if possible. Only your passport is accepted as your identification document. This is the primary step in the verification process.

Things You Must Carry with You

You are allowed to take pens, pencils, and erasers into the test room unless there is no marking or words written on them. You can carry nothing except your ID for your Speaking Test.

Things You Are Not Allowed to Carry with You

Mobile phones, watches, and other devices are not allowed. Switch off your phone and place it with other personal belongings outside the test room. There is a clock in the exam room to keep a check on the time.

Security Measures at the Test Centre

A passport-style photograph of the candidate is clicked on the exam day at the test centre. This photograph appears on your Test Report. Thus, even if you take a photograph with you, they will not accept it.

Pay Attention to the Instructions

A set of instructions are given before your exam starts. Listen to them carefully to avoid any issues later. If there is one thing that the management takes seriously, it is to follow the instructions.

No Break in Between the Test

There are no breaks in between the entire test. It is advisable to use the facilities before the test starts. If you still need to use the washroom, you can raise your hand and the invigilator will let you go. But you won’t get any extra time for this.

Be calm and stay focused. Don’t answer the questions in a rush and you will certainly do your best.
All the Best for your IELTS Exam!