4 Tried & Tested Tactics to IELTS Success

  • Posted By IELTS Tutorials IELTS Tips / January 13, 2018

When it comes to proving your English language proficiency through IELTS Test, you would surely be in a state of dilemma and have such thoughts –

"From where should I initiate my IELTS Test preparation?”

"Which will be the best way to achieve the score I desire?”

Well, well, well! There are no quick fixes or cheat codes to gain success in IELTS. All you need to do is prepare and practice. Nevertheless, there are some sure shot steps that can boost your chances of achieving a High Score.

There is NO Success Without a PLAN

So, Make a Plan

Learning a new language is not a child’s play. Nor it can be learnt in a hurry.

Consider IELTS just as your other exams and prepare a plan.

  • Set a Target Score. For example, 7 Band
  • Observe your strengths and weaknesses for each module of the test and list them
  • Calculate which module or specific question will consume more time to prepare and improve
  • Determine what can be completed in a comparatively less time
  • Prepare a schedule and follow it
  • Check whether the schedule works for you or not and notice if there are any improvements in your IELTS practice

It’s just simple! Put your plan into action, stick to it, check your progress, and incorporate necessary changes until you achieve your goal. Don’t overstretch your schedule else you will succumb to fatigue or lethargy. Make your schedule interesting. And, how do you do that?

Studying with Friends is Fun

Find a Study Partner

First and foremost, languages are a means of communication. Thus, you should never learn a language in isolation.

No doubt IELTS Listening & Reading can be practised alone but when it comes to IELTS Speaking, you will definitely require a person to speak to and correct you. It is wise to have a study partner with preferably good English language skills. Or one who shares similar interests as of you so that it can help you to indulge in long conversations. A partner can easily pick up your unnoticed mistakes like incorrect pronunciation, flat intonations and so on.

If you are not finding a study partner around, you can opt for Online IELTS Coaching or personalized coaching classes.

Practice leads to Perfection

Make use of English Language in the Real World

Learning is not enough. You need to actually use English for real.

What can be done? Listen to podcasts and TV series in English. Watch English movies without subtitles and try to understand them. Make a habit of reading news in English every day. Read English magazines, journals and academic articles regularly. Practise writing (letters for IELTS General Training and reports for IELTS Academic, essays for both versions) to improve your IELTS Writing skills. You must talk in English with your friends, family members and colleagues. Trust us, these habits are impactful!

Think you are Ready?

Attempt IELTS Practice Tests

The free IELTS practice tests that are available from multiple online sources can help you prepare for the test in a better way.

These tests provide you a chance to get familiar to the actual IELTS test format and different type of questions asked. You can learn to manage time and provide answers within stipulated time. The evaluation of the test lets you review your answers and even compare them with the given Model Answers for further improvement. All these together, help you develop your own strategies to clear IELTS Exam.

Undertaking online IELTS practice tests on IELTS Tutorials will help you boost your test-taking skills and make you more confident to face the real exam.

However, achieving success in IELTS Exam is not as easy as you think. But, right approach can really help you nail your target score. It will keep you motivated and hence, uplift your IELTS Preparation.

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