IELTS Exam update

Coronavirus Outbreak Brings Major Changes into IELTS Exams

March 31, 2020

To protect everyone and to consider health risks, the IELTS test has been suspended in some locations. Many students had their IELTS exam cancelled or suspended over the last couple of weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The situation is getting worse in so many countries. India is also now under lockdown for 21 days until April 14, 2020. IELTS partners are monitoring the status very carefully and trying to take protective measurements for all the students and the staff around the world.

The good news for all the IELTS students is that IDP and British Council have decided not to cancel or suspend all the IELTS Exam. worldwide. There are a few areas where tests will continue by considering health precautions.

This decision depends on the current situation of a country and its government policies. In such cases, you still have two options if your test is suspended.

  • You can ask for the refund and get all your money back.
  • You can reschedule the test to a later date.

The best advice is to reschedule the test because once all the tests resume, the demand will go up. Every summer, it is quite difficult to book an IELTS exam date; IELTS Academic in particular because, at this time, many students apply for the international universities.

Due to the Corona effect, the situation can be worse in the upcoming days, and because of this, IDP and British Council have promised for the additional test dates so that more students can take the exam at the same time.

You may also face a challenge in the future while booking for an IELTS exam because of the high demand worldwide. Be prepared for such type of situations so that you can book your test date in advance.

  • To save yourself from such situations, you can book your IELTS exam as early as possible.
  • Get ready for your exam so whenever you get the opportunity to take it, you give your best.

For now, please take necessary precautions to prevent the outbreak of Coronavirus and follow the government guidelines to stay safe.

COVID-19 is a pandemic, and you can break the chain of the virus by maintaining social distancing. Self-quarantine yourself at home and create a significant change by saving lives.

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