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May 20, 2020

Waiting for the IELTS test results can make anyone anxious. Unfortunately, for some, the waiting leads to a disappointing outcome. Some miss the overall IELTS Band Score by 0.5 while some of them achieve a deficient score in one of the modules.

The feeling is not great and however, many of them jump to start a refresh in order to improve IELTS score with a second attempt. If you are also doing it, then STOP!

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First of all, overcome the feelings of failure and disappointment so that you can start again. Give yourself some time to relax and think about what was missing in your first attempt.

Learning a new language consumes much time and practise. One can't magically learn or improve skills overnight. Accepting the fact will save your time so be realistic about the time and know how much time you will require to prepare for the IELTS exam.

Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you regain your focus and achieve your desired score in the IELTS Test.

Reflect on your IELTS Test Day

Sit alone, relax and recollect the picture of your Test Day. You were ready for the test, you had done enough of IELTS preparation, you were even confident of clearing the exam, but the results were not in your favour. What happened? Ask yourself some questions like -

How difficult is the IELTS exam?

Did I complete each module on time?

Were some questions left unanswered?

Did I speak enough in IELTS Speaking Test?

How much time I spent in guessing the answers?

In which Module I faced more difficulty?

Were the questions too difficult, or were they straightforward?

Since you have appeared for the test before, you must have an idea of which area of the test you need to work on. Have a look at your past IELTS Result. Think of your strengths and weaknesses and focus on areas where you need to improve.

Start your IELTS Preparation

Prepare a plan before you start your preparation. If you have already made one, then check what has worked for you and what haven't in your last IELTS Test. Make few amends if needed and continue with its implementation.

If you haven't prepared any plan, then it is the time to design one.

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Focus on Areas You need to Improve

After your first attempt, you are well-aware of those grey areas where you need to improve and must have designed a study plan.

With your study plan, you can start the IELTS exam preparation for the next attempt. You will get ample study materials on different websites that help students to improve IELTS score.

These materials include self-study packages, different books, customised and authenticate practice materials. You can even seek help from a lot of online sources that are accessible for free.

These online IELTS preparation websites offer you all that you need - tips, strategies, model answers, practice tests and much more.

To test yourself, you can attempt free online IELTS practice tests offered by IELTS Tutorials and get them evaluated. These tests will provide you with an opportunity to review your answers, compare them with some Model Answers and identify your mistakes.

Get Help from Experts if required

Many IELTS candidates prepare on their own, re-take the test and even succeed. But, in some cases, it is advisable to get help from experts if you are not confident enough. Consider signing up IELTS Tutorials or join IELTS Coaching Classes to seek expert's guidance.

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Whichever may be your choice, ensure that you make an informed decision this time. While making this decision, some important things that you must take into consideration include:

  • The IELTS Score you received
  • The IELTS Score you require
  • Which skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) you need to improve?
  • Which areas of the Test require more attention?
  • Will you need assistance to achieve success?

Consider these factors before reappearing for the IELTS Test. You could also avail the IELTS Online Coaching if you are not getting enough time to join the regular coaching classes. Avail the benefits of Online Coaching and achieve the desired score.

You can sign up IELTS Tutorials to get assured 20+ FREE Practice IELTS Tests and enhance your skills to score high.

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