IELTS Exam assesses your abilities based on four essential aspects of the English language; Speaking, Reading, Writing & Listening. You need a lot of time for the preparation, but you can save many hours of sitting and studying by just applying a few simple strategies in your IELTS Preparation.

IELTS Test format is somewhat different from regular school and college exams, so your preparation also needs to be accordingly with simple IELTS tips.

These expert IELTS tips & strategies will take you one step closer to your dreams and help you get prepared for the exam.

Following these five tips can help you prepare and ace the IELTS Exam:

  • Start with Vocabulary
  • Improve Writing Skills
  • Fluency & Pronunciation
  • Enhance Listening Skills
  • IELTS Reading Tips

Start with Vocabulary

Students can learn or start practice with vocabulary because as you read or pay close attention to such words you don’t know; helps you to improve your vocabulary.

The more you encounter with complex words; the more will you will get to know their meanings from the supporting context. Read newspapers or watch news channels or shows to improve your vocabulary with many unique words.

Practice writing and speaking those words but don’t spend unnecessary time on learning highly specialised words.

Improve Writing Skills

There are specific parameters for improving your writing skills to get the desired score in the IELTS exam. You need to follow these IELTS Writing tips to enhance your writing performance.

  • Always write answers in the given word limit.
  • Try to complete task 1 in the given time frame because task 2 will take more time.
  • Practice enough to improve your speed.
  • Analyse the question carefully before you start writing.
  • Don’t forget to address all the parts of the questions.
  • Check for common mistakes and mend them before you submit your answer.

Fluency and Pronunciation

Your fluency and pronunciation will matter in the IELTS Speaking exam. The speaking exam is divided into three parts, and it takes a total 11-15 minutes.

You will need consistent practice, and by doing so, the student focuses on new learnings with new skills. Improving fluency and pronunciation is the best IELTS Speaking tips.

  • Give some time for practice and talk aloud to hear yourself pronounce the words.
  • Record your voice and listen to it for improving every day.
  • Listen to English shows as much as possible.

Enhance Listening Skills

It is essential to learn the right techniques for achieving the desired score in the IELTS Listening exam.

The recording will be played only once so focus on listening to the entire recording. In the meanwhile, read the questions, listen to the answers and write down all in your answer sheet. In simple words, you will be a multi-tasker.

Always remember, you will get the answer in the sequence order of the questions. For example, if you got your 2nd answer and 4th answer, that means you have missed your 3rd answer.

But don’t panic, try to guess the answer and move on with the recording because there is no negative marking for it.

Never get confused with the instructions and write your answers in all capital letters. Focus on writing correct spelling because if your answer is spelled wrong, the answer will mark wrong.

These IELTS Listening tips will help you to enhance your IELTS preparation and to score high in the exam.

IELTS Reading Tips

It is imperative to know the meaning of a sentence and words before you appear for the IELTS Reading exam. You can take help of dictionary or internet to know the meaning of some challenging words.

  • Make a habit of skim and scan to form an idea through the text quickly.
  • Get an idea about the requirement for each task.
  • Don’t forget to check the instructions mentioned in the exam.
  • Mark keywords from the questions to get your answers.
  • Focus on improving vocabulary because it will help you in every possible way.
  • Read newspapers every day and listen to the news to improve your reading skills.


These are the most straightforward and useful tips and strategies that can help you to achieve the desired score in the exam.

Implement them in your IELTS exam preparation and enhance your performance.

You could also download the free IELTS Writing App and IELTS Speaking App for adequate and quality preparation.

Download the apps and give a new meaning to your preparation.

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