How to Prepare for the IELTS Exam

Top 6 Experts’ Tips on IELTS Exam Preparation for High Scores

December 31, 2021


The secret behind getting a high score is continuous practice and smart preparation plan. Every IELTS aspirants wishes to know some quick tips on how to prepare for the IELTS exam. This article has a lot of advices about IELTS exam preparation that industry experts highly recommend. So, let's see the tips that experts have shared time and again for seamless IELTS exam preparation.

IELTS Exam Preparation: Top 6 Tips from IELTS Experts

Develop Your IELTS Writing Skills

IELTS aspirants generally ignore this section because of various reasons. Either they feel they are incompetent to develop required skills or believe that they can crack it without preparation. All four modules hold equal importance, and to achieve a high score in the IELTS Exam, you need in-depth practice for all modules.

Do you know that the secret to success in the IELTS Writing Exam is regular practice and constant learning? Yes, to improve your writing skills, you need to learn new words and continuously improve your vocabulary.

IELTS Practice Tests are important to help you improve. If you implement new words that you learnt, during each practice test, the results will get better! 

You can learn new words from reading books, newspapers, watching movies, or educational videos. It will help you to improve your writing skills in four main ways:

  1. Assist in forming meaningful and error-free sentences.
  2. It will help you to express your ideas more naturally.
  3. It will introduce you to the native speaker’s vocabulary. 
  4. Upon reading regularly, will help you avoid grammatical mistakes.
You will also develop your reading skills, it will help you learn the use of vocabulary and its importance in a sentence. In short, you will need to improve your reading skills for a good writing band score.

Developing Your Logical Skills

The IELTS Writing Task is not just about knowing grammar and vocabulary. When it comes to writing, you have to be logical at the same time because it will test your thinking ability also.

Academic Writing Task 1 comprises graphs, tables, charts, or diagrams. You will be asked to summarise the information shown in the question by writing the main features and further explaining them. Remember, the minimum word count is 150 words but try not to exceed more than 200 words.

During your IELTS exam preparation, start by reading the question carefully, prepare a proper plan, note down or highlight the important points, and then start answering the question.

Tips to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills for IELTS

  1. Devote enough time to understand the task before you start writing.
  2. Make your strategies and plans before you start writing.
  3. Prepare an outline or note down the main pointers for a better presentation.
  4. Get feedback from an IELTS expert.

Develop Your IELTS Speaking Skills

IELTS Speaking Test is scored based on four essential parameters:
  1. Fluency and Coherence
  2. Pronunciation
  3. Lexical Resource
  4. Grammatical Range and Accuracy
Check the following expert tips for improving these key areas:

Tip 1 - Fluency and Coherence

  1. Choose any topic to speak upon from your list.
  2. Set a stopwatch for a minute at least.
  3. Play the recording and ask your friend for feedback.
  4. Write down the entire recording and add punctuations.
  5. Play the audio back to check where you missed taking a pause.
  6. Check for Word and sentence stress. 
  7. Repeat this task to excel in it.

Tip 2 - Vocabulary

Focus on learning new vocabulary every day. There are a few common topics that frequently appear in the exam, such as education, environment, work, etc.

Focus on these topics and keep adding new vocabulary to your answers. You can also use IELTS Tutorials Exam Practice App that has a vocabulary bank and has words specifically for each category – Business, Art, Education, etc.

Tip 3 - Lexical Resource

Lexical Resources measures the accuracy and vast variation in your vocabulary.

For example, you get a topic on the advertisement, so your possible words and phrases include promotions, commercials, news, slogans, billboards, banners, links, etc.

Tip 4 - Grammar

Try to frame a sentence using different grammatical structures. Think of different grammatical structures that you might use in the IELTS Speaking exam.

Please ensure that you use correct grammar when speaking. At the same time, maintain your fluency and express ideas clearly.

Develop Your IELTS Exam Preparation Skills Before One Day

  1. Stop practicing and start revising! 
  2. Take some rest. 
  3. Focus on learning new vocabulary and cohesive devices.
  4. Try to speak in English with everyone you know.
  5. Strategize the plan the day before the exam.

IELTS experts have shared these tips repeatedly and these strategies are proven to achieve high scores in the IELTS exam. Follow all the tips and continue your IELTS exam preparation to get the desired score.

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The best time to improve your skills is NOW!