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IELTS Exam Preparation: Client Results, Reviews & Appreciation

December 23, 2021

Hi All!
We know that finding the best IELTS coaching can be daunting, at times. There are so many things to consider before finalizing that one coaching, a few of them are timings, tutor review, dates, fees, and much more!
IELTS Tutorials is available on multiple platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Website, and much more. Students keep sharing their feedback all across these platforms and we will summarize the client results and reviews on a single page. Our IELTS Exam Preparations have helped many students achieve their desired scores and let us see how they feel about it!

IELTS Exam Preparation: Client Reviews and Score Card

These are reviews for our IELTS Online Coaching and a special appreciation for their respective tutors.
Priya Anand
Platform: Telegram
Hi everyone,
I would like to share my experience with IELTS Tutorial. I gave my exam on 30th Oct and got my desired band score i.e., 7.0. With 7 weeks of online coaching with Sandeep sir, I was confident enough to book my test and I achieved my desired score as well. I would like to thanks @Aditya_ieltstutorials, @DHWANI_IELTSTUTORIALS for cooperating and providing smooth experience throughout and most importantly @SandeepSinghAussizz sir for constant support and guidance. Thank you for all the support throughout!
IELTS Score Card
Ayan Dasgupta
Platform: Telegram
Thank you so much @SandeepSinghAussizz and everyone in this group, for your good wishes. It was possible only because of this group led by Sandeep Sir, and IELTS tutorials @aditya_Ieltstutorials.
I want to take this opportunity to share a few reflections during my preparation and exams and share a few tips, which may benefit others. Apologies if it's a bit long.
I joined Sandeep sir's 8-week program in the last week of September 21. At that point, I must admit I had almost no clue about the IELTS examination and was under the illusion that it should be straightforward. However, once I attended a couple of classes (Reading section to begin with), I realized that even though it's not a tough examination as such, but it needs practice and perseverance to follow the guidelines.
My Learnings:
  1. Attending almost all the classes of Sandeep sir is highly recommended. Many of us are busy professionals in our day job and away from the practice of taking exams for years. Please spare an hour every day, and it's worth the time.
  2. Allow at least two months of preparation time from the moment you start preparing to take the tests.
IELTS Score Card
Swati Katoch
Platform: Google Reviews

I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts to achieve this band score and would like to mention that the practice sessions for all the modules significantly enhanced my score. Briefly talking about each module, listening and reading tasks were apt, and up-to-date, covering all types of questions with high difficulty levels, making me realise what could be my weak points and then working on them.

Precise feedbacks on writing and speaking made me confident enough to do well in exams. Additionally, inputs in terms of providing practice material or helping timely with feedbacks or regular speaking sessions, there was nothing I could have asked more. I am grateful for the support from @Sandeep SinghAussizz and thank you for being kind throughout the course especially creating an environment where anyone can learn.
I'd like to thank @Aditya_ieltstutorials also for providing the platform to work better.
IELTS Score Card
Nalina Ranka
Platform: Google Reviews
Thank you @Sandeep SinghAussizz for helping me get my desired scores. It was possible only because of the group led by Sandeep and IELTS tutorials @aditya_leltstutorials. Before I joined the group wasn't familiar with the format and approach for this exam so I was very nervous but the way Sandeep helped us approach the topics and made us all practice in each class really helped to gain confidence.
Also inputs from all fellow students in the discussions encouraged in the class was very helpful. I would like to specially thank @sandeepsinghaussizz who I think is a gifted teacher and I am sure many in this group will agree to it. He helped me identify my weak areas and pushed me on those which really helped me get my desired score of 8,7,7,7. So Thank you all A for the support.
IELTS Score Card
Ujjawal Dhiman
Hey, I passed my IELTS exam and got my desired bands. It all happened because of my tutor Pooja Purohit as she taught me well for the exam. I got 6.0 or 6.0+ bands in the first attempt.
All thanks to Pooja Purohit
IELTS Score Card
Rujika Sajeev
Platform: Google Review
Hi everyone,
I would like to share my experience with IELTS Tutorial. I gave my exam on 2nd dec and got my desired band score i.e., 7.0. With approx 2 months of online coaching with Richa ma'am, I was confident enough to book my test and I achieved my desired score as well. I would like to thanks Aditya for providing smooth experience throughout and most importantly Richa ma'am for constant support and guidance. With my regular job on side all I did in terms of preparations was the classes that I attended and 3 days of practice before the test. Richa ma'am I can't thank you enough for the support.
Your class was my only saviour amidst my hectic schedule.

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