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5 best techniques to practice IELTS

The approach you require to clear your IELTS

If you feel a great change in your stress hormones, you are probably worrying a lot about how to clear IELTS with a high score. Well, a good news is you are not alone! There are plenty of applicants like you who have sleepless nights after taking the dates for IELTS exams. Here we come up with a few no-nonsense approaches that will make you confident.

Change the language everywhere possible

The very first thing you are supposed to do is switch to English channels, serial, and movies. This change is a primary step toward sailing through the waters of IELTS. Stop watching English movies dubbed in your national language. Likewise, opt for English satellite channels and start watching the daily soaps or series that are popular. Netflix is also a good idea.

Professional IELTS coaching

Serena Williams will certainly give credit to Patrick Mouratoglou, her coach and tennis guru. For a better score in IELTS, professional coaching is required. IELTS training classes have IELTS experts who help you understand every module and its items. If you are too poor in English, you may join English classes. A good part is most of the IELTS coaching classes will have some provision to improve your English as well.

Entertainment in English

We love games and entertainment. If you start crosswords, quizzes, and scrambled words everything in English, it will not just be a great helping hand to improve your grammar, but it will also better your vocabulary. Reading books in English of any kind will make you understand the syntax and other grammatical structures. This is proved to help in making newer sentences for the essay writing in IELTS which requires good grammar and vocabulary. Reading a lot of stories and news also improve your coherence score as you know linking sentences in a better way.

No blind practice, catch the root

There are many who practice IELTS modules blindly thinking that such practice will get them an extra mile. Often, such candidates get disappointed when they get IELTS score report. The reason is they did not catch the root; instead, they practiced without any plan. The basic thing you require is understanding native speakers’ accent and thorough knowledge of English. Start speaking in English with your family members and friends. This will develop the base of the language so your tongue and brain will then start taking English easily. If you have your base clear, you have your IELTS clear!

Ignoring writing –a big no!

While many may crack reading, speaking, and listening tasks in IELTS, others may simply fall short in writing ruining their overall score. Search on the Internet for IELTS essay topics or you can also ask your IELTS coaching institute to provide you with enough writing material. Practice it and try to improve it every time.

These are a few factors that you should include in approaching IELTS. Eat healthy, stay calm, and be determined. You will come out ahead!

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