IELTS Essay Writing Task 2

Learn to answer IELTS Essay Writing on Problem and Solution in the right way

December 02, 2020

After reading the title of the blog, a question might pop up in your mind: "Who doesn't know how to answer an Essay?

If it does, then please don't entertain that thought any further. That thought has cropped up in the minds of many test-takers like you. And, consequently, they have neglected to practice essay writing, losing marks in the IELTS Writing Task 2. Even aspirants who are native speakers of the English language, or fluent with English have lost marks.

Reading the topic and jumping into writing the essay is not going to be a smart approach.

Read this blog to understand the common mistakes that a test-taker makes while answering Problem and Solution essay.

Avoid these mistakes while answering Problem and Solution essay

IELTS Writing Task 2 asks you question on different topics, and one of the most commonly asked questions are related to Problem and Solution. There are certain common mistakes that an aspirant usually makes while answering this question:

  • Trying to fit all in one

The test takers, when they face this type of question, try to add as many problems and solutions as possible in the essay. Well, a high number of problems and solutions is not going to fetch you more marks. Instead, this practice will leave you and the examiner confused, and you might lose marks.

Solution: Opt for 1 or 2 problems and provide apt solutions.

  • Irrelevant Problems

There are test takers who in anxiety, write down the problems that are not directly related to the topic.

Solution: Understand the topic to keep your point relevant to the topic.

  • No link between the Problem and Solution

The Test-takers fail to provide the right solutions to the problems they mention, and some fail to write the solution that is the exact solution for the mentioned problems.

Solution: Practice more and more to get a better understanding and write with a purpose to provide the Right Solution.

Tips for answering Problem and Solution essay topics

  1. Skim and Scan

Skimming and Scanning through the questions is the easiest way to get an idea about the topic of the essay.

  1. Find the KWs 

Try to find the Keywords as they give you a better idea of the topic and helps you understand the flow. 

  1. Analyze the question and plan the answer

After understanding what the topic is all about, give time to think about how detailed the answer needs to be. And know what level of description the problems raised in the question are to be answered to. Spend time on collecting the points in your mind.

  1. Follow the right structure.

 This is where most of the test-takers might commit a mistake. The test-takers do not follow the right structure. The right structure for the problem and solution essay should be:

1st Para: Introduction 

It is essential to know where to stop; an introduction paragraph should only be the introduction, not the entire answer. But the test-takers get so involved in the topic that they forget to realize where they need to stop and how detailed the introduction must be and they end up including their problem point in the introduction part. 

2nd Para: The problem para 

In the 2nd para, mention the problem that the topic wants to point out. Write only the problem and its effects.

3rd para: 

In this para, you must mention problems that are either the direct solution or a way out of the problem. Make sure your solution provides some value to the reader. 

Conclusion para:

A proper conclusion makes a better impact. So, make sure the conclusion shows how your solution solves the problem. 

  1. Review the Answer 

Make sure before you submit your answer you give it a read so that you can rectify any mistake.


After reading about the common mistakes and the right way to answer the Problem and Solution essays, it would have become evident that practice is the only key to improve. The more you practice, the better idea you will have of the topic. Practice also speeds up your skimming and scanning skills, along with the ability to understand the question.

For more practice, you can download the IELTS Writing App that provides you with a lot of questions to practice along with the model answers. You can also find the vocab that can be used and practice in a better way.

Remember: IELTS Essay Writing is more than 4 Paragraphs.