IELTS Online Coaching Vs Classroom Coaching

Why is IELTS Online Coaching better than Classroom Coaching

December 13, 2021

The world has changed drastically in the last couple of years. Earlier people would buy groceries from street vendors, later they had to shop from online stores. In the same way, earlier students had to physically attend classes, but now, they are conducted online and students can study at the comfort of their homes.

"Online Coaching has made education easier”

And one such platform is IELTS Online Coaching. Through their online coaching, they helped students keep their overseas dreams alive and help them study IELTS.

Change is difficult! But, ultimately, this change brings new variations in lifestyle and eases the previous working methods. All you need to do is try!

IELTS: Difference between Online Coaching and Classroom Coaching

1. Personal Attention

Online Coaching: There are a limited number of students in each class. One of the most important attributes of our IELTS Online Coaching is that each student is given undivided attention. Also, we have noticed that students are more forthcoming in Online Coaching rather than Classroom Training. They participate more.

Classroom Coaching: They have been around since the start of the coaching industry. Thus, people still rely on this type of coaching and you might find a large number of students attending the same class. You might be habituated to it. But, it is important to understand, that with time, we need to progress as well. The same tutors teach in the classroom as well as in Online classes. Thus, understand. There is no difference in the quality of training, but sometimes you might not get the attention needed.

2. Work on Own Pace

Online Coaching: Ever wondered if you could study at your own will and still get great results? Now it is possible. With IELTS Online Coaching, students have the flexibility to study at their own pace, take practice tests, and refer to recorded sessions in case of unavailability.

Classroom Coaching: Mostly in classroom coaching, if you miss a class, there is hardly a review session of the missed classes. You need to specially request the tutor or ask for notes from friends. Moreover, if there is any doubt, you need to wait until the tutor is available. This is one of the major drawbacks of Classroom Coaching.

3. Practice Computer-based IELTS

Online Coaching: As this type of coaching is based on computers, students can easily practice the Computer-based IELTS test as well. This is slightly not possible in-classroom training, as not all the classes are equipped with computers. Thus, IELTS Online Coaching can easily take care of paper-based as well as Computer-based test.

Classroom Training: This type of coaching generally helps with paper-based IELTS. With the changes in the exam delivery method, institutes have installed computers to practice the computer-based IELTS test; but still, many coaching classes might not be able to provide practice in this test, unlike IELTS Online Coaching.

4. Save Time and Money

Online Coaching: When you are studying at your home, all you need is internet service and your phone/laptop. This way, you reduce your traveling cost and time, miscellaneous expenses, and reduce stress as well! Moreover, IELTS Online Coaching is affordable and saves money compared to Classroom Coaching.

Classroom Coaching: It is difficult to find the right class as per your time schedule. Thus, you are losing time as well as money. Moreover, it is more expensive compared to Online Coaching.
Why pay more when you can get the same experience in online coaching as well?

5. 24/7 Access to Practice Materials

Online Coaching: This being an online platform, all the practice materials are available quicker, there is a dedicated practice dashboard, and you can practice anytime at your own will. Thus, this becomes highly convenient.

Classroom Training: This being classroom training, getting all the updated practice materials is not possible. As and when, a practice session is completed, you are given another practice test. Thus, it becomes slightly tedious.

Benefits of IELTS Online Coaching in a nutshell

The IELTS online coaching courses were designed by professionals who excel in teaching IELTS. The main reason for the popularity of IELTS Online Coaching is that they provide a flexible study environment and updated course materials. Moreover, a student gets full attention during the classes whereas they might miss important points if attending classroom because the tutor would be busy teaching other students as well. While as, in IELTS Online Coaching, each student gets personal attention.

Another main advantage of taking IELTS Online Coaching is that students can learn at their own pace which gives them time to think about the questions. This means you can divide your time as you want.

Medium of Education

Since IELTS Online Coaching provides IELTS training through a virtual platform, there is an instant connection with the tutors. Apart from Live classes by their IELTS experts, other learning methods include IELTS video tutorials, practice material, recorded classes, and mock tests.

Thus, this overall growth of students helped Online Coaching emerge as a popular choice among IELTS students today. IELTS online classes give students an opportunity to interact with experts and get help anytime. Moreover, IELTS course materials are regularly updated according to the changes in the IELTS exam pattern; giving a better chance of scoring well in the IELTS exam.

The best part is that you can communicate with tutors and other students anytime through our online community without having to wait for weeks together!

Online training is a lot more convenient and has many benefits over the traditional form of teaching. IELTS Online Coaching has no doubt become a favourite choice among students who want to crack IELTS easily. It's also cheaper and gives you the flexibility to study when it suits your schedule. If you're looking for an IELTS Training that will help you improve your scores, this could be the answer!

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