IELTS Listening Practice

IELTS Listening Practice: How To Beat The Accent Game

July 17, 2018

Picking up the right accent is challenging in the beginning. But with the right IELTS listening accents, you get a grip. Before appearing for the listening module as a test taker, understand the English accent of different speakers. The language is spoken differently by individuals from Australia, America, UK, or Europe.

One of the factors you need to consider is to follow one accent throughout the exam; if you start IELTS listening Australian accent.

Get started. Spend valuable time conversing with friends and family. Enhance vocabulary skills alongside pronouncing difficult words.

Unlike native speakers, you have to acquaint yourself with the IELTS test format before appearing for it. Much depends on your performance, how well you achieve it can help you to secure excellent scores or the band you desire.

Consider the following before appearing for the IELTS listening practice test?

What can you expect?

There are two conversations before you. In the first conversation, you hear two individuals conversing about a social topic in the background. Whereas 4 individuals are interacting with one another in the second conversation. The scenario could be training-oriented or educational.

At the same time, there are two monologues where one is based on regular social situations and the other is solely on the academic topic.

IELTS Discussion

Different Accents Types

You hear different voices in the listening test. It is an accent game if you are a test taker wherein you have to master a particular accent, be it British, American, North American, or British. Different speakers have different styles of communication. It might confuse you if you are not familiar with a particular accent. Interestingly, you are curious to know which accent is used in the IELTS listening test. It can be a blessing in disguise for you if you acquaint yourself with the British accent that is globally accepted. The accents in the module are diverse with the British accent quite common.

Start preparation for different accents

Train yourself hard. You can decipher different accents. Either you can watch TV shows or documentaries online. If need be, check for videos online and start practicing accent listening exercises where different speakers use different accents. In a way, it can go a long way if you make proper use of a radio program. You can adapt yourself to different situations and the more you try different accents, the better they help you understand them.

At the same time, you can try on musical lyrics or listen to hard-to-understand movie accents.

If you are watching a movie, you can pause for a while as you jot down important dialogues. Understand how a conversation was put forth. You can repeat particular words through the different sounds etc.

IELTS Listening

Stick to a particular accent

Rather than trying on different accents, you need to stick to a particular one. This way, you can get the desired result in the IELTS speaking test. It is time you concentrate on improving vocabulary and enhance organizational ideas. You can speak at a natural base along with keeping in mind stress, intonation, and pronunciation.

The thing to remember is to be an effective communicator. You do not need to fake any accent but if you speak with clarity through correct pronunciation, it helps. You can spend valuable time daily while listening to several accents online and be familiar with different situations. You do not have to waste time while working on a particular accent. If you speak naturally, it can be beneficial.

Some interesting facts
  1. There are four sections in the listening test. The IELTS listening lessons include monologues and conversations of 2 each.
  2. Either you hear Canadian, British, American, Australian, or Kiwi Lingo
  3. Make good use of listening to conversations in radio stations online or through other resources i.e. sitcoms, radio stations, etc.
  4. You can stick to your natural accent, you can focus on pronunciation, vocabulary, effective communication, and ideas.


Ace your scores with the help of IELTS Tutorials. Take out time to practice and at the same time follow your dreams of studying abroad. At the same time, you can devise key strategies through IELTS listening practice online.