Useful tips to Score 7 Bands or higher in IELTS Writing

Useful tips to Score 7 Bands or higher in IELTS Writing

April 26, 2017

How to get 7+ bands in IELTS Writing

Writing has long been an important section in IELTS. Many test takers try to decode the stigma i.e., what is noted or judged out of the test takers writing, especially those who seek 7 bands and above.

With some wisdom, guidance and adequate practice on the following guidelines, score of 7 bands and above is very much attainable.


    • The very first and extremely essential technique is: "Keep the content original". Do Not entertain templates which have been used by several Trainers and are endorsed on IELTS Tutorials websites and blogs. Here, these handy sentences will reduce the significance of your essay.
    • If you suffer from bad hand-writing, please change or practice calligraphy. Understand your writing should be readable and there should be decent space between words.
    • Limit your sentences to maximum of 15 words. One sentence shouldn't exceed more than 15 words. To reason it: Your scores are judged on how concise you write. Every good English text will have maximum of 15 words in each sentence, thus eliminating the possibility of and, but, that, which and so on.
    • Your entire writing should be coherent i.e., well synchronized. Every other sentence should be linked and well connected. Do Not start the sentences abruptly. Stick to one major point and illustrate that point by synchronizing all the supporting details. To make it more clear, give examples.
    • Understand the topic well and write accordingly. Please do not deviate from the topic. Make sure to use relevant examples. You even can write your opinion based on your knowledge.
    • Use punctuations like comma and full stop, whenever and wherever required.
    • As long as your sentences carry word limit of 15 words and decent vocab with no grammatical errors, you don''t need to worry about the usage of compound and complex sentence.
    • Do Not use abbreviations like " &", " etc". Refrain strictly from using slang language.
    • Do Not repeat the words.
    • Try to add Quotes by famous authors rather than idioms and phrases. If you are unsure of the quote, then do not add it.
    • Think before you write i.e., link...link...link. Be as connected to your ideas as you can.

The tips are comprehensive enough and its implementation will drive you towards required scores.

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