Improve IELTS Listening Skills

Key to Improve your IELTS Listening Skills: PODCASTS

March 15, 2018

"IELTS Listening is one the most difficult modules in IELTS Test."

"I have hard times in clearing the IELTS Listening Test."

"My biggest hurdle in IELTS Exam is the Listening module."

Most of the aspirants appearing for IELTS Test or those who have already appeared before have the same complain. If you are also amongst this clan, then here is a solution to this problem.

You might have been told since you started with your IELTS Test preparation that the best way to improve listening skills is to listen more and more. Well, this isn't much difficult. But, do you really have enough time to listen?

"I don't have sufficient time to watch English movies."

This is another common reason that candidates have for not improving their score in IELTS Listening Test. However, only watching English movies is not the best way to improve.

Then, how will you improve?

Well, here is the best possible way to improvise your IELTS Listening skills - LISTEN TO PODCASTS.


What is a Podcast?

what is podcast

Podcast is an audio file that you can stream or download from internet to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or a desktop. Podcasts are usually in form of a series. You can receive the new parts of the series automatically when you subscribe for a particular Podcast.

In other words, you can define Podcasts as Radio Shows. The only difference between the two is that you can enjoy listening to Podcasts without any interference of advertisements.

There is a vast collection of Podcasts available on the internet. You can find a Podcast for whichever topic that comes in your mind. Whether it is the latest updates in politics and culture, interviews with your favourite celebrities, serial dramas, fashion shows, comedy series, informative articles or academic blogs - so rich is the abundance of Podcasts.


Why are Podcasts the best way of improving IELTS Listening Skills?

The striking benefit of Podcasts is that they are downloadable for FREE!

Anyway, here are some more reasons why Podcasts are perfect to help you improve your Listening skills.

Podcasts are made by Native Speakers for Native Speakers

Most of the Podcasts are recorded in Native Language. So, sometimes you may find that they speak too quickly. But, as it is Podcast, you can pause the recording several times and listen to it again and again until you understand it.

IELTS Test determines a candidate's English Language skills. IELTS Listening module comprises of different recordings which are usually in different accents. So, practising with Podcasts will help you easily understand the conversation between native speakers which in turn will benefit you to fetch a good score in the actual IELTS exam.

Listening Podcasts are better than Watching Movies!!

Listening Podcasts VS TV

Movies are longer and it is difficult to spare 2 hours watching one from your busy schedule. Well, this is not it. It's even more difficult to concentrate for two hours when you are tired.

So, do you watch English movies with subtitles?


Well, when you talk to your friend, do you find any subtitles below his/her mouth?


This is the sole reason why watching English movies with subtitles don't help you improvise your Listening skills for IELTS Test. Instead, they succour to develop your IELTS Reading skills. For this very reason, Podcasts are an ideal option to practice as you don't have any option to use subtitles with them.

Additionally, podcasts are of varying lengths. You can listen to Podcasts of 2 minutes and the ones lasting for hours. But, it is recommended that you start with the ones with short duration. Just listen one Podcast a day. You would certainly observe a noticeable difference in your IELTS Listening skills.

One more advantage of listening to Podcasts is�

You can listen to Podcasts whenever and wherever you want!

Listening Podcast

The best thing about Podcasts is that you don't need to sit in front of your TV screen, smartphone or tablet to listen to a Podcast as you do while watching movies. You can listen to them at almost every moment of the day.

Sounds interesting, right?

Well, you could listen to Podcasts while doing your laundry work or cleaning your house, on your way to university or workplace, while having breakfast in the morning or before going to bed at night - you can choose to listen whenever and wherever you want.

You can make all your daily activities super exciting by listening to Podcasts and at the same time you will be practising your English for IELTS Exam.

Do you find your IELTS Listening skills improving with Podcasts?



An example will provide you a clear understanding for the above statement.

You might be putting your daily change into your savings account. In the first few days or months, it won't seem like a lot to you. But, over the months and years, it accumulates, you gain interest and a few months later, you will realize that it is pretty substantial.

IELTS Consistency

Podcasts also have the same effect on developing your listening skills. Slowly and gradually you will notice that there is a lot of improvement in your listening skills. This improvement will certainly be reflected on your IELTS Score card.

IELTS Listening 8 Band

Of course, you can continue your IELTS Listening practice on IELTS Tutorials with various IELTS Listening practice tests and mock tests. In case if you require further assistance with your IELTS Test preparation or need advice from IELTS Experts, you can book an Online IELTS Coaching Session.