Book IELTS Exam Date and Coaching

When to Book Dates For Your IELTS Exam and Coaching: The IELTS Tutorials Guide

May 04, 2022

As silly as it sounds, you should know when to book dates for your IELTS Exam and IELTS Coaching.

This statement comes from an organization that has had years of experience training thousands of IELTS test-takers. So, as silly as it might sound, the statement stands true in all seriousness. You should!

Most test-takers make the mistake of either booking just for the IELTS exam, or booking coaching after already getting the dates for the exam. Both these scenarios end up with them getting bands lower than expected. 

This is because you need to understand the

Things You Need To Do Before Booking Your IELTS Exam date.

We, the people behind IELTS Tutorials, believe in helping individuals understand the essence, the very soul of the IELTS exam. This is why we provide solutions for IELTS test-takers opting to study on their own as well.

Your money matters. You might choose to save a few bucks by not opting for IELTS Tutorials’ Online Coaching facility. Yet, we wouldn’t want you to spend thousands more on retaking the test.

Rather than trying to convince you, we would want you to think, analyze and come to a conclusion on your own. After all, who would know you better than yourself?

So, let’s get to the points one by one.

1. Understand the Exam

If you are already here, you definitely know the existence and all the basic information on the IELTS exam

Yes, the test has four modules: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The first three are taken in one test of around 2 hrs 45 minutes and the Speaking test is taken individually.

You know that your proficiency in each module and overall are measured in bands; the lowest being 1 band and the highest being 9 bands. The average of all the individual scores is taken as the overall score.

But, that’s not it. There are parameters of marking that examiners follow. There are set question patterns. The scoring is different for Academic and General.

You can simply check out a brief understanding of the IELTS test format to know all that you need to know to get to the next process i.e.

2. Measure Yourself

Every English Proficiency exam be it IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or others can be cleared with the TPT method viz. The Test. Practice. Test. method coined by PTE Tutorials.

The reason behind its viability is that it not only starts by measuring your skill but also keeps on doing so after every practice. This sets a bar for you to jump through every time, pushing you into clearing the exam effectively.

Why measure yourself?

Because measuring lets you know where you stand. When you give your first mock or practice test you get to know the areas where you fumble or tumble.

This will help you plan out the rest of your schedule and journey.

3. Choose Your Comfort: Writing Vs. Typing

By now, I am safely assuming that you already know the two ways of taking the IELTS test i.e. the paper-based IELTS and the Computer-Delivered IELTS test (commonly called the CD-IELTS test).

The only advice here is not to listen to any advice.

If you are to ask people or watch videos to know the benefits and suggestions, you would hear all types of baseless advice. Most of these would be, them convincing as to why one is better than the other.

Both are good in their own ways and have been available to the test-takers just to cater to their comfort (ease of use).

So, if you feel that you are more comfortable using a PC then go for CD IELTS. Otherwise, you always have the pen and paper-based IELTS test. It’s as simple as that. 

Do not fall for the appealing reasons you might find on ‘YouTube’.

4. The Necessity of Coaching

Coaching is unavoidable.

“Knowing English alone will not help you clear your IELTS Exam.” is something I always tell people.

But, if you are confident enough that you can get the band score that you need without any added help from the experts then we will help you with that as well.  You can prepare for IELTS at home as well by following a few tips.

One suggestion though.

If possible please read through the challenges you might face while preparing for your IELTS exam and decide on what would be right for you.

The choice is absolutely yours.


5. Booking The Dates for Your IELTS Exam

Yes, we have reached to the point. 

But if you have skipped reading until now then you must reconsider going through them first.

Because only if you have followed those things will you be able to make the right judgement regarding your Exam and exam date.

I will help you with that. So, moving on to

6. Your Coaching Period

Once you have measured yourself, you would know where you stand. 

So, if you have scored less than 6 bands then you need guidance and that too quite extensively. Get help from a good tutor and work on your grammar and vocabulary for two or three months.

If you have scored somewhere between 6 bands and 8 bands, a month’s guidance and practice would work wonders on you (8+ bands)

If you got 8+ in your first practice test, well then, Sir, problem solved - YOU ARE A GENIUS! You can directly book the date for your IELTS exam whenever you want.

You can either attend an IELTS coaching centre in your vicinity or you can get coaching at your home with our IELTS Online Coaching.

7. Your Exam Date

Book your Exam date within the last week of your coaching period.


Book it within the first three days of your coaching completion.

This is the best time to appear for your IELTS exam as all the concepts are fresh along with the required seriousness. 

So, let me say it one final time. You book your coaching first followed by the exam date towards the end of your classes.

That’s it for today! See you soon with another topic.